Stump Removal Brisbane

Stump Removal in Brisbane

We specialise in stump removal utilising a stump grinder, where power saws can not work underground.

In felling as well as dismantling, stumps are left just above ground degree, which can cause blockages. Smaller stumps can sometimes be winched out, giving a suitable strong support tree is readily available.

Stump grinding equipment has tungsten carbide teeth that rip the stump to shreds. The wood chips that was once the stump can either be removed from your home or stuffed into the stump hole so that it can decay naturally.
Take note that before we start grinding down your stump, we will check your yard carefully with a metal detector to check if there are hidden service utility pipes such as electricity, water, and more.

After a tree has actually been taken out, the stump stays behind and can be unsafe. They don’t look that cute, can get in the way and anyone can easily trip over them.
It is then imperative to remove the tree stump, either by grinding, which is quicker and not that invasive, stump removal as well which entails having to dig and find its roots, dig out the stump and the refill it so nobody falls in.

We recommend tree grinding, which is a fantastic choice to ensure that nothing will grow out of where the stump was and of course, prevent us from digging your lawn open. We employ machines that can easily grind out tree stumps into plain, tiny, 2cm big woodchips or into a compost mixture, leaving the surrounding area undisturbed and help make your garden extra attractive.

We handle residential and commercial tree stump removal services, be it a tiny stump on your front lawn or a mature oak in the rear of a home. We are the team for you!
If you require commercial stump grinding for your next job, then we offer an unequalled solution.

As stump grinding is one of our specialist services, we can meet your needs quickly and at a competitive price. If your stump is in a difficult to reach location, we have a large range of tools to help remove them as well.

So If you have any stumps that you need to remove, no matter the size or where on your site, call us Tree Removal Brisbane, we will be glad to assist you.

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